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Appellate Representation Litigation is defined as: a lawsuit; legal action, including all proceedings therein; contest in a court of law for the purpose of enforcing a right or seeking a remedy; a judicial contest, a judicial controversy, a suit at law. See Black's Law Dictionary, Sixth Ed. Litigation includes all the actions required in 'a suit of law' including, but not limited to: the drafting of pleadings, service of process, filing, response to service (whether appearance by counsel on objection, motion or pleading), and/or potentially an answer (or 'response'), and possibly counterclaims, affirmative defenses, discovery, motion practice, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), summary judgment proceedings and pretrial, and then possibly a jury or bench (i.e., judge only) trial itself.

Practically litigation means any time you will be before a judge, arbitrator or adjudicative body; in other words, when you are being judged you need a 'litigation' experienced attorney.

I have experience in all forms of litigation: from contract enforcement to employment discrimination, from foreclosure defense to lien enforcement, from divorce to criminal assault defense. If it involves a pleading, motion, ADR and/or a court room (i.e., an evidentiary hearing, a trial, or preparation for any of the aforementioned) before a judge or arbitrator, I have experience successfully representing individuals and companies in all capacities.

If you have been served, or require an attorney to review and explain your potential litigation options, please contact me directly for a confidential, no-obligation consultation.

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